Stanley Hotel


In honor of Halloween, I decided that my first post of an activity in Colorado would be about the Stanley Hotel located in Estes Park.  I visited here with my boyfriend, for our one year anniversary, and thought it would be fun to take the ghost tour!  Well, I thought it would be fun, he on the other hand is terrified of ghosts but decided to brave through it because he knew I wanted to go.  As we pulled up to the hotel, I was amazed by how beautiful the building is and the surroundings.  I definitely have a thing for the early 1900’s and this hotel captured the ambiance of the era.  We walked in and the lobby was decked out in Victorian furniture and lighting, making me thirst to walk even further into the hotel.  On the immediate right of the front doors is an original steam engine, that apparently the Stanley brothers invented.  I couldn’t wait for the tour to begin to learn everything about the hotel.  Before the tour started, however, Ryan (my boyfriend) and I read a few testimonials from the guests at the hotel who wrote of a few supernatural occurrences that happened during their stay.  Ryan squeezed my hand as we read the part about a woman who woke up to seeing a male ghost in her room.

Once we the tour began we were greeted by our lovely tour guide who informed us that she knew all about the secrets of the hotel (and she did).  We started by going out to the hotel’s rose garden where she told us the story of the Stanley brothers growing up and how one Stanley brother, his name escapes me, moved to Colorado due to an illness and believed a doctor out here could cure him.  He did and thus the hotel was built.  Our tour guide showed us around the hotel going into great depth about the different ghosts that have been spotted in particular rooms.  She told us, and I was very surprised, that the movie “The Shining” was not actually filmed at this hotel even though the book was based there.  The movie was actually filmed in Canada and parts of London.  Because of that I also learned that Stephen King, the author, was not happy about that and did not like the movie whatsoever.  He made a mini-series on ABC that did feature the hotel but different interior aspects were changed.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I did not see any ghosts on the tour.  Ryan did, however, to his dismay.  He reported seeing a faint figure walk down the hallway we were in and he said that the figure came to just below my shoulders.  So if you’re looking to get spooked or learn and see some fascinating history I suggest visiting the Stanley Hotel!!  They do have Halloween events but they are a little pricey to get into but is on my bucket list for later down the road!!  Happy Halloween everyone!


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  1. How cool!!! My husband and I are visiting on the 7th to check out the different towns and cities for our move out there next year and this hotel keeps popping up in my feeds! My husband doesn’t like to entertain supernatual stuff but I think we’re also going to take a tour when we get out there!

    • The Stanley Hotel is definitely a must see! I’ll be posting more things to see and do in Colorado very soon so you will have more ideas! 🙂 You’ll love it here in Colorado, I wouldn’t move anywhere else!

      • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up! I read that on your posts I think! I made sure to follow you so I can see what the deal is and where the hot spots are! So glad to hear nothing but positive things from the people that live and have been to Colorado! We are out of our minds excited!

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