Chevron Nails


What you will need:

  • Sally Hansen: Advanced Hard as Nails, Nylon + Retinol Strengthener
  • OPI: “Color So Hot It Berns”
  • Sally Hansen: “White On”
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black (Walgreen’s)
  • Sally Hansen: “Mega Shine”

First Step: Prep your nail (file, buff, cut cuticles).  Put on the clear Hard as Nails nail polish to help protect your nails and also build up the strength.  Putting on a clear coat can also help prevent your nails from being stained by your nail polish.

Second Step:  Apply the “So Hot it Berns” nail polish to you index, middle, and pinky fingers.  Wait until dry and apply a second coat.  This color is beautiful for all seasons and you’ll probably not just use it once! 🙂

Third Step:  Apply the “White On” nail polish to your thumb and rind finger.  Wait until dry and apply a second coat.  This will look a little like white-out but don’t worry everything will turn out awesome in the end!

Fourth Step:  Now, use the nail art paint in black to draw on a sharp single wave.  This will look like an upside down “W” with and extra line or so.

Fifth Step:  Continue to add black to the line making it a thicker wave. Once you feel comfortable with the thickness of your wave, start a new wave.  You also may want to put a wave near your cuticle but that depends on how comfortable you feel about that.

Sixth Step:  Once you have finished all of your waves on your thumb nail (or whichever white nail you started on) finish putting waves on the rest of your white nails! 🙂  Once all of your nails have dried apply Sally Hansen’s “Mega Shine” to create an ultra shiny look that will also help prevent chips and preserve color.

Ta-da!! Your chevron nails are complete!

~If you have any further questions or comments feel free to comment 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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