10 Gift Ideas for your Unique Mom


So Christmas is around the corner and I know I’ve been desperately searching for good gift ideas.  I decided to compile a list of things you can get for a certain someone that will help you (and me haha) become inspired!  Some of these things I have gotten my mom in the past and some I haven’t and I know she would love!

Let’s get started!:

measuring spoons











My mom and I crossed path with these measuring spoons in a little store in Salida, CO and we looked at them for at least five minutes.  If your mom likes to bake or cook, these are really cute!

Francesca’s: $21.00












This is a book where you can ask your mom questions and write them down in this book.  It’s something you can experience together and, most importantly, pass down for generations so your mom’s stories will continue to be enjoyed.

Francesca’s: $10.95                                    

michele watch











A Michele watch!  My mom is a huge fan of Michele watches!  They are stunning and durable and are made to last for years!  My mom really just loves funky watches in general so I keep a look out for ones that look like this!

Nordstrom:  $1,695












My mom loves the word peace and if I find something that is really cool like this I get it for her.  She likes to pair a lot of bracelets together and this is a nice piece that can be added on to with other bracelets.

Lucky Brand: $39.00









My mom is a writer, like I am, and she loves to write down her thoughts or ideas.  I think it can be more exciting and inviting when you have a cute notebook to write in!

Barnes and Noble: $12.00












This is by far the softest blanket I have ever felt in my entire life.  My dad got both my mom and I this for Christmas last year and we use it everyday!  This is also a perfect gift for someone who is hard to shop for!

Kohl’s: $19.99











Robes are perfect because they are something that almost everyone uses every day and rarely replace.

Dillard’s: $88.00

ray ban

Ray-ban’s are reliable sunglasses and are extremely fashionable.  My mom fell in love with these when she first saw them and has had a few that look similar.  Let’s face it: these are really good looking!

Ray-Ban: $160.00









My mom’s other favorite word is believe, she’s had it all over the house ever since I can remember.  This is a cute checkbook cover that I know she would get a lot of compliments on!

Etsy: $6.00                                              












The infinity sign represents forever and it’s a sign my mom really likes.  This is a cute little necklace that your mom can wear anywhere!

Nordstrom: $54.00

There ya have it!  I’ll be posting more gift ideas soon, so stay tuned!!


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