I am currently a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder and am majoring in English.  I grew up in Colorado, about 20 minutes from Denver and 15 minutes away from the mountains.  The purpose of this blog is to show readers (especially those from Colorado or planning on visiting) the different and exciting things you can do!  I am also using this blog to explore different hair, make-up, and clothing ideas while giving readers a step-by-step “how to”.  I plan on writing in my blog several times a week so be sure to follow me so you can be updated on great ideas!

A little bit about me personally: I love to write!!  I write mainly fiction but am content with just writing in general.  I am in love with color guard (flags, rifles, and dance) and was a member of a world class Drum Corps (basically the NFL of marching band).  If you ever have the time you should look up Drum Corps on YouTube! Once I am finished with college and grad school I would love to become a fashion journalist which is why I am including a fashion portion in this blog. My favorite color is yellow, mainly because it makes me happy and I think if a color were to reflect my personality yellow would be it!  I’m very random but also quite shy.  I am in a very happy relationship and I love my friends and family!!

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, where I get a lot of my ideas and inspirations: http://pinterest.com/staciaaka/



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