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No heat or drama waves


You know those days where you want to curl your hair but you don’t actually want to put in the effort in the morning?  Or where you can just hear your hair screaming for mercy every time you plug in your curling iron?  Well I have a solution!!  My mom has been doing this to my hair since I was little and I’ve discovered that a lot of my friends have actually never heard or tried this method: braiding damp hair and sleeping on it.

Is that it?

Yes, it is!!  So what I did was section my hair off in four ways and french braided them.  That’s it!  Just be sure that your hair is damp and not dripping wet or this method of curling your hair will not work.  Sleep on it and wake up the next morning and undo your braid!  You can make your braid any size.  A larger braid will make your hair look like you used a wave curling iron and smaller braids will create more of a crimp effect.  I chose medium sized braids.  Enjoy!!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a comment!  Thanks for reading 🙂