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Gray nails with colorful designs!


One night I realized that my bedspread has a really pretty design and thought it would be fun to incorporate that design into my nail art.  It was difficult but I loved the results!  

Here’s what you will need:

  • Sally Hansen: “Wet Cement”
  • Sally Hansen: Advanced Hard as Nails, Nylon + Retinol Strengthener
  • Orange, yellow, navy blue, black, white, and teal nail paint (can be found at beauty supply stores)

First Step:

Apply Sally Hansen’s “Advanced Hard as Nails” after filing nails.

Second Step:  

Apply “Wet Cement”.  I love this color!  It is very chic.


Third Step:

On your thumb, using a fine-tipped paint brush, paint a large heart with navy blue paint.  Once the heart has dried, carefully paint teal in the middle of the heart completely filling it in.



***Note:  The teal looks very blotchy in this picture but it was corrected once I put a clear top coat on.

Fourth Step:

Once the teal paint dries, take a fine-tipped brush with navy blue paint and draw a line in the center of the heart.  On either side of the line create an oval.  Each oval should be reflecting the opposite side, so do not make them alternating.  The end result should look similar to a fern.

Fifth Step: 

On your ring finger, using the yellow nail art paint, create a small line going diagonally across the fingernail.  Once you complete the line, draw one leaf coming off the line and then further up the line on the opposite side draw two leaves that are joined.



Sixth Step:

Once you draw on the leaves, use orange paint to draw three petals to create a flower on one side of the line and do the same for the other side of the line.  Once the paint has dried, create a small black dot in the middle of the petals and then put a white dot right next to it.  


Seventh Step:

On your pointer finger, draw a thick line going down the middle in navy blue.  Then taking the teal, white, and yellow paint draw alternating lines coming off of the navy blue. In the end it will look similar to a palm leaf.

Eight Step:

Once you have completed the nail art, paint on a clear top coat to ensure that your look will stay strong and will last for a while.

Your end product will look similar to this:


I hope you will enjoy your new nails!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just let me know! xoxoxo

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